Mindless Drivel...

I was looking at my friends list and all I have there is my mate Trav. Not even sure if people read this stuff or if I am just going to end up starting each post with "Dear Diary"...

I had thought to post some of the pieces that I have written here but then that allows others to read and comment and well not sure how I will react to that. But no pain no gain I guess.

My supervisor at work, Mike, is on leave at the moment and our office is pretty boring and quiet without him. Its been a while since he took leave, so its a good thing, but me I am just bored. Finally finished the freight invoices and boy was that fun. NOT!!! Tomorrow, I am going to be doing the last of the July invoices so that the BAS can be done on Monday when Mike returns. Well, at least today was payday!

Woohoo - money in my bank account to pay off my credit card courtesy of my great boss!!

So no more frivolous spending.... Easier said than done!

Bones is on TV tonight - the second ep to air. I quite liked the first one, well enough to give it a second shot anyway and its good to see David Boreanaz on our screens again. Its been hard to find replacement shows for Buffy & Angel. Although, Trav did introduce me to the first season of Doctor Who not so long ago and I have to admit I do like it but who is home on a Saturday to watch it!! VCR died some time ago so can't even tape it. So I guess I will wait til Trav gets season 2 on dvd and just watch it then.

Trav let the others know about his move to Melbourne (not confirmed but most likely will happen). Its strange cause I know that I am going to miss him like crazy. Not seeing him every Friday night at Cardz/Games is going to be weird. I never realised how much someone just becomes part of your life until you have to imagine them gone or far away. A fresh start will be great for him and Melbourne is a great place and I have to admit part of me is jealous. I would love to live in Melbourne if it weren't for the fact that all my friends (bar Trav) live in Brisbane.

On the up side, and there always is an up side, when I go to Melbourne for Cons and stuff, I can stay with Trav and save a load of cash - accommodation can be expensive!!! And we still get to do our roadtrip in January - not fully confirmed but Trav hasn't ruled it out. And Ally is maybe, if she can get time off work and get her licence in time, coming too!! So 3 of us sharing the driving will make the trip cheaper and less tiring and hopefully more fun!! Still too soon on this one but I hope we do the trip!

We played Alison's - different to Ally - game Dungeoneering last night. Ok - Wed night is Girls Night where my best friends of like 12 to 15 years and I get together taking turns at each others place to get together, have dinner, chat, catch up on the latest goss, bitch and whine about crap, hang out and just be! So last night it was at my place and I served Chicken Taco's - ok it was out of a dinner-box mix thing but it was nice. We had some sparkling wine that Ali brought along and then played the game. Boy did it seem like it took forever!!! The rules aren't clear and combat was just weird. But hey it was our first time and Trav wasn't there to adjudicate on the rules like he normally does. Oh and for dessert I made some truly Evil Hot Chocolate!!! Which Heather spilled on the game so we cleaned it up and continued but still it was like 11.30pm and it wasn't finished so we just stopped. I wouldn't mind playing agin when we aren't soooo tired.

Gotta mentioned my other BF Ally's game Guillotine!!! Trav gave it to her for her Birthday and I just love it!! I prefer the 2 player game but 3 is ok too - any bigger and it just drags. My love for the game has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that I have won about 75% of games played so far.... :-)

Anyway, I am at work, tired, grumpy and hungry...

Going home now. Peace out.

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My First Entry

There are days when you just know that you shouldn't have gotten out of bed...

Today was one of those. Nausea, headache, cramping... All not a good sign.

So I get to work and its not much better. My headache kicked into high gear going from irritating to "oh my god!" and then my lunch didn't like being in my stomach... Another mad dash to the bathroom.

Work is ok and steady and dare I say non-stimulating. And yet here I still am at 6:30pm. I am supposed to take tomorrow off work but I think I will come in anyway and work through the pain. It usually works. Besides its not like there is anyone at home to care if I am sick or taking care of myself properly. That's the problem with being single, I guess.

Anyway, good news on the family front. I am going to be an Aunty but its all hush-hush at the moment so don't tell anyone... I'm sure I can trust you :-)

Anyway, that's it from me. Not sure if I am doing this right but I guess time will tell.

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