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new computer

So the new computer was installed today. Hooray!
The new media centre goes in tomorrow night. Yippee!
And I got my DSLite on Friday. Woohoo!

Yep, I have got meself some new toys and now I have to learn how to use them... :-)

Rhys (IT-Wizz who built my machines) was trying to install everything while a little war was happening in the background. My mother and two brothers were over for dinner and a chat. Now anyone who knows me really well, knows of the blood fued that is between my two brothers, so why they were within spitting distance of each other, is still a mystery to me. But they were and well, I guess my neighbours got some free entertainment. But I digress, the reason for bringing the family thing up, is that it meant Rhys did't get a chance to show me how to use the new PC and so I also don't know my new email address.

I guess, its a good thing that he is coming over tomorrow to install the media centre and show me how to use them. Funny little Rhys said I could play with the computer and everything because "its not like I can screw it up that much in one day...".

Sheesh! No faith.

Anyway, this means I have internet access from home and can spend copious amounts of time on-line speaking to you all and catching up. I would like to say that it means I will be more active in posting but well, it's probably not going to happen. Just being honest!

Anyway, have a great night all.


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