koulaklementou (koulaklementou) wrote,


Its been a hellish weekend. My Grandma died on Friday afternoon. I was named after her and I used to spend alot of time with her. She called me her "kooklitsa" which means 'little doll'. She taught me so many things and as a child I loved just being with her.

And now, I won't see her ever again. And besides not knowing how to feel and what I should be doing, its been ok, I think. I had a 5 min cry to my best friend Ali on the phone just after I found out and then have remained dry as a whistle ever since. There is something wrong with me.

I feel numb and cold.

I could use a hug right now but I don't want anyone near me and I keep pushing those who try to show they care away.

I am just so cold.

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