koulaklementou (koulaklementou) wrote,

new poem

Innocence Dead

Thoughts tumbling and crashing
Her fragile mind engulfed in pain
By words from your lips spoken
Her fledgling hopes brutally slain

Your eyes, ice-cold daggers
Shooting straight to her heart
A cruel, indifferent rejection
Of pure love now blown apart

Your heart, an unyielding fortress
Lost in a landscape of barren fears
Discarded, diseased and abandoned
Untouched by her ocean of tears

Your hands, steel iron bands
Rejecting her grasping pleas
Ignoring the fallen figure
Shaking, trembling on her knees

Shamed and humbled, now she rises
Shoulders slumped and spirits low
A lesson learned, she strives on forward
Innoncence dead... your final blow
Tags: poetry

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