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A New Interest, more of a mild obsession...

I recently got loaned some anime from a work mate who included a couple of other disks. Once I have finised the anime, I chucked in the other disks and have been hooked ever since. Its pretty sad and I have been the butt of family jokes for weeks now but I have become mildy obsessed with Korean drama!

It started with Winter Sonata which despite being over 22 hours long and required at least 3 boxes of tissues (I cried for like that last 5 hours of it!!), was so engrossing, that I had to see more. I once explained a synopsis of this to my 2 best buds, Ali and Heather, and the explanation took over an hour cause there were so many cool bits that just had to be included. Of course there were so many cool bits, it spanned over 10 years of the protagonists lives and then some!! There was love, hate, deceit, betrayal, death, bitching, misunderstanding, sweetness, a beach montage, breaking up and making up, lots of goodbyes, teary and heart-wrenching goodbyes, teenage angst, adult angst, cool clothing, a somewhat happy ending, and a hot male lead... And that's just what I can remember!

Anyway, I stupidly asked for more after this one and got given Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang (also known as Sassy Girl Chun Hyang) which was only 16 hours of fun, fun, fun!! I mean, imagine a comedy of errors that results in you having to marry the new guy at school... Okay so he's cute, has a killer wardrobe and a smile that charms your socks off, but still its got to be hard to be a teenager in highschool, getting good grades and hanging with your friends to suddenly find yourself married... Yep its gotta suck... Its sucked so much, I am having a killer of a time trying to find a copy to purchase! (just so you know, I have now watched over 100 hours of Kdrama and this one is my fav!!)

I follwed this one up with An Autumn Tale which is on the same lines of A Winter Sonata. Turns out these ones are part of a trilogy, the third one being a Summer something. The stories have nothing in common despite being able to put the viewer through an emotional wringer so tumbly, you come out the other end looking like the aftermath of a serious flu virus! I know I did. Oh god and Autumn Tale had such a sad ending... I am known to rant and rave and curse the gods (and eventually rewrite the ending...) for stuff that has a sad, horrible ending and this was no exception. Major tissue warning on that one!

Which brings me to the one I just finished on the weekend while waiting for a call from work - Full House. This one is more of a romantic comedy I guess. I am sure we can all find the humour in finding our house has been sold by our closest friends so they could cover their debts after coming back from a nightmare holiday they send you on!! Oh and then you become the housekeeper for the guy who bought your house, you marry him despite his being in love with someone else, you fall in love with him yourself even though there is a great guy on the sidelines just dying to get your attention... Yep pretty standard stuff, happens all the time... Somewhere, I guess ;-)

So why have I just spent oh so much time typing all this out? Well...
1. I am bored
2. I am procrastinating
3. Did I mention I am bored and procrastinating at work
4. I would like to get my hands on more and need help finding it

I guess there are places to download this stuff but my computer is a no-go on this and I don't have internet access at home, so I really need to find places to buy it (despite my limited funds at the moment...)

Any suggestions, would be great! You know on what to watch, where to find it, that sort of thing. And who knows, there may be another closet fan out there to whom I can talk about this stuff!! Let me know.

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