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Another long lonely night at work...

So checked out my previous post os so many months ago and gotta say I am no longer liking the pink format of my LJ. Its just so... PINK! I also spent around 30 mins trying to upload a picture to have it fail 4 times. Argh!!!

When I get this figured out, I can finally show you guys what my nephew looks like! I have taken to calling him 'Buddy' which pisses his Grandma off royally. Did I mention that he is now just over 3 months old? Oh and did I mention that he tends to fall asleep while I hold him? I don't know what it is, but give him 5 mins with me and he is in baby-dream-land. Now I know that I ain't the most scintillating of conversationalist but this is just insulting... :-)

Oh and I had him in stitches last weekend!! He normally he only giggles for his Mum and Grandpa but I managed to get him smiling and cooing at me. I'd like to say it was with me but he really did find my version of peak-a-boo funny! And then when I tried to expand his little horizons by teaching him the words for Mum and Dad in Korean, well he found it hilarious and was goo-goo-ga-ga-ing back at me.

Oh gosh, I have done it again... Even alone, I go on and on about my little buddy. I think people have heard enough about Yianni from me. But he is one of my favourite topics at the moment...
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