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Babies, babies and more babies...

Its a Boy!!!

At Arc, a few people may have noticed my preoccupation with calling home every day to find out if my sister had popped. Well, she did finally, the day after we got back into Bne. She waited, bless her. Okay, its not like she had much choice as the bub just liked it too much in there. :-)

She had to be induced and after 24 hours of labour with no result, the doc's decided to do a cesaerean. And so on the 31st of Jan at 8.55am my nephew was born!!! He weighed 11pounds and 2ounces - a whopping 5.082kg and was 57cm long. He had the most thickest black wavy hair and eyebrows (yes, 2 of them...) and the cutest little pouty mouth and nose which he got from his Mama. Unfortunately, he got his Dad's ears... :-)

There was some drama with my sister meaning she had to spend the entire day in recovery and have 2 blood transfusions!! We were very worried but she pulled through ok and was able to come home on Sunday (4th Feb).

They hadn't picked out a boys name as yet and so waited to see him before deciding. And once they did, they realised he looked so much like our Dad that he just had to be named after him. So the little angel is called:

Yianni Jason Clarke

Yianni after his Grandfather
Jason after his own Dad (Russell's middle name and christening name)

I gotta say my dad is just stoked!!! He held him for the first time and had tears those laughter tears in his eyes and it was so cute!! And then they told him that the baby was named after him and he cried for real. Yianni is the first grandchild for my parents and he is going to be plenty spoilt!!

So that makes me Auntie Koula!! But that's not all. My sister and her husband have asked me his Godmother too and I am just so happy. I got to hold him for a couple of hours on Sunday as he slept and he is so soft and warm and he has that baby-soft smell. Yep, I know I am clucky but its just not the right time, I guess for me. Besides you kinda need a man for that part and there is no-one on the horizen at the moment. One day it will happen, I have faith!!

Anyway, Trav's just called so signing off. Peace out.


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